From Those Who Loved Chrissy...

"Chrissy and her family have had a special place in our lives and hearts. Her outside and inner beauty, her deep faith and wisdom will be the legacy she leaves for all who knew her. Even though our hearts are broken, our faith assures us she is now at peace with our Heavenly Father and His angels."-Love and prayers from the Jim and Ruth Brickner family, Benton, Louisiana 

"I never saw Chrissy without a smile and when she talked and listened, she listened with her whole heart! She was full of life and has made heaven a brighter place. She loved the Lord and I know she's home, but that doesn't change the fact that we will have a wait until we see her again. What a wonderful day that will be Until that day my hearts and prayers go out to all who loved this amazing girl."-Judy Durr

" I am so sorry for your loss. We met Thru work and I was so impressed by her beauty and grace. She shared some of her story with me. I am happy to see you are pursuing the truth."- Sherri Skalski 

" Best wishes to the family. Abuse is never ok."-Tommy Semon

"Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Sending all the love and support to Reillie and Sophia and the rest of the family and all those who are grieving her loss. I only met her briefly, but she was so sweet and had a beautiful smile that could light up a room. I hope you get justice for her soon."-Love, Aubri and Andrew and the Borger family.

"I’m so sorry for this unbelievable pain Aunt Linda, Uncle Ken, Ricky, Noah, Sophia and Reillie!!! It doesn’t seem real. We love you all very much!!! Get Chrissy Justice!"-Bett Archer

"Chrissy and I worked together. She was beautiful inside and out. Her smile could light up a room. She touched so many lives for the good. I’m grateful I had the chance to know her as both a colleague and a cherished friend Praying for you all."-Mary How

" Praying for entire family."-Jarrod Clark

"I'm very sorry for your loss ... my heart is breaking for you. You guys are on my heart and on my mind constantly. Sending love and prayers."-Timie Y.

" Our deepest condolences to the Robinson family."-Brandi Knaack

"No words can express our sorrow. Chrissy will be missed by so many. We love you guys."-Love, Robyn, Alex, Madisyn, Noah, and Leah

" Much love as support for you all."-Anonymous

" Praying for you all!"- Rebecca Huskey 

" God bless you Chrissy, may your soul rest at peace."- Marisa Morabito

" We are with you all and hope to see you soon. Please seek justice as best you can. I love you all."- Seth Ambort

"The entire Robinson Family is in my thoughts and prayers during this incredibly difficult time. Chrissy was truly one of a kind...huge heart, beautiful smile, and gave unconditional love. She will get justice. Sending love and strength to Ms. Linda, Mr. Ken, Noah, Ricky, Reillie, Sophia, and all of those who are grieving this devastating loss."-Charles Stadtlander

"Our deepest condolences to the Robinson family."-Anonymous

"Praying for Peace, Comfort, Mercy and Grace for this family. May we never forget and always know her struggle was real and may Justice be swift."-Connie Robinson

"We love you. We are fervently praying for your family. Believing God with you for justice! "The Lord Is Close to the broken hearted and saves those crushed in spirit." Psalm 34:18 -David and Shannon Caplinger

About Us

"This is my favorite candid picture of our group and now it hold an even more treasured place in my heart.  Once in high school, the radio wouldn’t work in my car. We decided to sing in order to fill the silence. Her favorite song was Lean on Me. We sang it to the top of our lungs and it became the song of our group. This picture is of my best friends serenading me at my wedding the very same song we had sang together so many times before. Her choice in song is the perfect representation of who she was as a person and what she was to so many people around her.  “Lean on me when you’re not strong and I’ll be your friend. I’ll help you carry on.” I wish she would have allowed us to be that for her  just this once when her pain was so immense. She will forever be in our hearts and her loss will never be unfelt. We love you, Chris."
- Kristy Terrell

"We love yall!"-Terri Jordan

"I hope you will get justice for Chrissy. Sending all my love and peace to your family."-Love Tammy and Patsty 

"I am so heartbroken over the loss of beautiful Chrissy. Love and prayers to the family."-Laura Zellar

"This is the poem I wrote to her this morning, inspired by the Holy Spirit: Today I'm mourning the loss of a beautiful friend inside and out. Best friends with the Trinity without a doubt. Her "infectious smile," there all the while. I cry because I'll miss her positivity when counseling so many times with me. She never knew that she was God's voice when I felt I had no other choice. Many times I'd hear her say, "You'll do such great things for God one day!" That hope and encouragement she gave is so rare, she gave it til none was spared. The Lord would refresh her and fill her up So she could go pour, another a cup! A cup of hope, joy, and love straight from the father above! She brought to light things done in the dark. And many times was that spark. The spark that started a blazing fire to reach the Lord higher & higher. May she be remembered for the One who made her whole, the Lover of her soul! (She loved that song, Lover of my soul) God bless you all!-Tonya Gross

"Deepest sympaty."-Anna Aquino 

"I am so sorry for your loss. My sincere condolences."-Nicole Sisilli

"Our family is heartbroken over your loss. We will pray and send love for your family."-Aaron Chatham

"You will be truly missed."-Michael Schwartz

"From Shane & Mua with love."

"Deepest Condolences. Love and prayers continue for the family."-Rachel and Ben Zeidman

"Thoughts and prayers from the Behan family."-Chad Behan

"Prayers and Love from the Stalnaker's."-Mike Stalnaker  

"So sorry for your loss... Chrissy was an amazing woman... I love her to pieces. The last time we spoke was on Halloween... She looked happy and we laughed and talked for a while.. She wanted to hang out soon. I was totally for that.. cause she is so wonderful. Mikey and I are praying for you and your family... all of you. Sophie and Reilly and I'm in Tears still... I'm so sorry y'all are going through this.. I love you all and I know she is with our Lord and happy... I remember the first day I ever met her. She is the girl/Woman that demands her presents to be known without her even knowing it. She is so beautiful, loving and kind... She and God had this relationship that most of us could only hope and long for. I know she would never of left her kids behind... because I know she loves them so very much. I'm sad and sorry... I'm sending every hug to y'all at this moment... and Always remember that, GOD HAS GOT THIS!"-Stephanie and Mikey Rice

"Chrissy was nothing short of Amazing! I will see you again..."-Leslie Akins

"There should never be a reason a woman doesn’t feel safe in her own home! I hope we find the justice Chrissy deserves!! She will forever be in my heart and I will never forget her true friendship, and that beautiful infectious smile she always had. Fly high baby girl, until we meet again...."-Kasie George